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ArrowDraw & ArrowStamp lubricants are formulated with some of the most advanced anti-friction and "extreme pressure" technology to prevent metal to metal contact with tooling, dies, and finished components.


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ArrowDraw 11590 Drawing Lubricant

Heavy duty, versatile drawing lubricant. Can be used on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Effectively used in drawing, stamping, blanking, and cutting operations.

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Chem Arrow's 35 years of developing high quality fluids has enabled us to compile one of the most comprehensive product lines in the metalworking industry.


Case Studies

ArrowMist 5000 Synthetic Misting Fluid

Contains high molecular weight polymers. Designed for a variety of uses — stamping, threading, misting, drilling, tapping, cutting. Multi-metal compatible, clean running, and economical to use.

ArrowTap 20607 Cutting, Tapping & Threading Oil

Includes additives which produce rapid heat dispersion, anti-weld, and extreme pressure properties. Developed for cutting, tapping, reaming, and threading operations on ferrous metals. Provides superior finishes, excellent tool life, and excellent “plating out” properties. Contains chlorine and sulfur.

ArrowTap 20742 Cutting, Tapping & Threading Oil

Designed with additives which produce rapid heat dispersion, anti-weld, and extreme pressure properties. Developed specifically for cutting, tapping, threading, reaming, and machining of all ferrous metals. Multi-purpose oil which provides superior finishes, excellent tool life, and low viscosity to minimize chip drag out. Chlorine and sulfur free.

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