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Chem Arrow’s comprehensive range of ArrowCool water based coolants are available in Soluble Oil, Micro-emulsion, Semi-Synthetic, and Synthetic concentrates. These products cover the entire range of cutting and grinding applications found in modern industry.

Chem Arrow has been serving the global metalworking industry’s requirements for over 35 years. We strive to advance our technology to a level of "cutting edge perfection".

The ArrowCool range offers superior wetting, cooling, and friction reducing properties. These characteristics, coupled with excellent operator acceptance, extended sump life, and low foam, help to maximize production rates, accuracy of the finished part, and provide the highest rate of return on your coolant investment.

AQMD compliant and super compliant products available for customers in Southern California.

Extended Sump Life Multi-metal compatible Superior wetting, cooling & friction reduction
Low foam Maximize production rates AQMD super compliant

ArrowCool ME-347 Microemulsion Coolant

Performs extremely well on multi-metal applications. Machine tool friendly with low foaming properties. Perfect choice for facilities attempting to find one product for the entire plant.

ArrowCool SEM-917-B Semi-Synthetic Coolant

Light/medium duty. Designed to run on a wide variety of machine tools and applications including milling, drilling, turning, and grinding of ferrous metals and cast iron.

ArrowCool SEM-927 Semi-Synthetic Coolant

State of the art, bio-static semi-synthetic coolant. Designed to run on a wide variety of machine tools and applications such as milling, drilling, turning and grinding operations.

ArrowCool SEM-929 Semi-Synthetic Coolant

Exceptionally clean running semi-synthetic. Multi-metal compatible. Formulated to run on a wide variety of machine tools and applications such as milling, drilling, turning and grinding operations. Contains EP additives.

ArrowCool SOL-827 Soluble Oil

Micro-emulsion, soluble oil that runs like a semi. Multi-metal compatible. Developed for heavy duty machining and grinding of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Chlorine, sulphur and halogen free.

ArrowCool SOL-827-HM Soluble Oil

Designed to be extremely hard water tolerant. Multi-metal compatible. Runs extremely clean in hard water with a low foam profile. Chlorine, sulphur and halogen free.

ArrowCool SOL-829 Soluble Oil

Highest lubricity package for the most demanding applications. Multi-metal compatible. Runs extremely clean with a low foam profile.

ArrowCool SYN-705 Synthetic Coolant

Specially formulated machining and grinding fluid for ceramic and glass grinding operations. It can also be used as a light duty steel and grinding fluid, including surface and Blanchard grinding operations.

ArrowCool SYN-710 Synthetic Coolant

Synthetic cutting & grinding fluid. Formulated using state of the art technology. Offers low pH & oil rejection. Detergency, yet low foaming, allows for easy parts wash off. Excellent on all die cast aluminum machining operations.

ArrowCool SYN-722 Synthetic Coolant

State of the art synthetic coolant provides excellent cooling, chip setting, and tramp oil rejection. Runs clean. Ideal as a single, premium coolant for virtually all machining operations.

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