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Products / ArrowRP

Chem Arrow’s range of rust preventive products are manufactured to protect metal parts from rust and corrosion throughout stages of manufacture, assembly, storage, and shipping.

Our rust preventive products displace water or coolant already on the parts. They remove slight dirt and offer the ability to dry parts quickly to be handled within a short time frame. Chem Arrow’s rust preventive products can be applied by dip, brush, roller, spray, or flood.

AQMD compliant and super compliant products available for customers in Southern California.

Excellent water displacement Pleasant odor
Products for indoor & outdoor storage
Non staining AQMD compliant products available    

ArrowRP 107 Rust Preventive

Designed to displace water and protect ferrous metals against rust in long term (12 — 24 month) outdoor storage applications. Surface remains oily to the touch with a grease-like consistency. Developed for long term outdoor storage.

ArrowRP 4092 Rust Preventive

Suitable alternative to sodium nitrite in water based systems. Can be used in concentrations from 10% to 20% with water. Has excellent hard water stability and low foaming properties. Can be used as a final stage spray wash. No VOC.

ArrowRP 541 Rust Preventive

Water displacing, petroleum based corrosion inhibitor designed to give good protection on metal surfaces that are stored in acid atmospheres, containing fumes from acid scrubbers and pickling baths.

ArrowRP 65015 Water Soluble Rust Preventive

Oil based, water soluble rust preventive for ferrous metals. Lower operating cost; easily mixed with water; easily removed. Developed for short term, indoor storage.

ArrowRP 9396 Rust Preventive

Designed for use on all ferrous metal surfaces subject to corrosion where long term (12 — 24 month) indoor rust protection is required. Suitable for water displacing applications after parts have been machined using water based coolants. No odor.

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