FinCoater Applicator System for Fin Stamping (HVAC)

The Chem Arrow FinCoater is designed to control the amount of lube that is applied to both the top and bottom of the fin stock. The FinCoater is the ideal roller coater to apply a very light coating of lubricant to thin gage material as it enters the fin press.

The unit is computer controlled to dispense the correct amount of lubricant to the material on each stroke of the press. There are two sets of rollers, one set to stabilize fin stock and one set to apply the lubricant.

FinCoater Applicator Advantages

  • Lubricant usage reduction of at least 25% up to 50%
  • Lubrication Application Control improvements compared to lubricant bath
  • EH&S employee improvements
    • Operator area cleanliness improvement
    • Risk reduction for operator incidents due to cleanliness improvements
    • Operator has less risk of lubricant contact
      • No lubricant mist from applicator
  • Less risk of product packaging becoming wet due to lubricant run off from the coils due to lubricant over application
  • Lower lubricant cost that would justify the applicator return on investment in less than 2 years
FinCoater Brochure

ArrowDry Lubricant Removal System

The new residue removal system uses an ultra efficient, high air flow, centrifugal blower to remove up to 100% of the coil fin surface lubricant residue. Our system is designed to remove lubricant residue eliminating issues such as fire/smoke during coil brazing, mass spec leak test issues from lubricant vapor and coil packaging soaked due to lubricant run off.

The ArrowDry system utilizes a combination of precision designed air knives to produce high velocity air curtains that promote removal of the lubricant from the coil fin surface. The system can also include an enclosure to capture lubricant residue for potential reuse.

ArrowDry Advantages:

  • Removes up to 100% of the fin surface lubricant residue.
  • Low operating cost and purchase cost compared to aqueous and thermal de-oiling systems.
  • Pairing with Chem Arrow fin stamping lubricants offers low to no emissions.
  • Potentially eliminates smoke/fire during coil brazing.
  • Lowers or eliminates fin surface residue that can cause mass spec leak test issues.
  • Lowers or eliminates lubricant residues to address coil residue issues such as soaking shipping packaging and dunnage.
ArrowDry Brochure
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