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Chem Arrow’s comprehensive range of ArrowCool water based coolants are available in Soluble Oil, Micro-emulsion, Semi-Synthetic, and Synthetic concentrates. These products cover the entire range of cutting and grinding applications found in modern industry.


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ArrowCool ME-347 Microemulsion Coolant

Performs extremely well on multi-metal applications. Machine tool friendly with low foaming properties. Perfect choice for facilities attempting to find one product for the entire plant.

ArrowCool SEM-927 Semi-Synthetic Coolant

State of the art, bio-static semi-synthetic coolant. Designed to run on a wide variety of machine tools and applications such as milling, drilling, turning and grinding operations.

ArrowCool SOL-827 Soluble Oil

Micro-emulsion, soluble oil that runs like a semi. Multi-metal compatible. Developed for heavy duty machining and grinding of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Chlorine, sulphur and halogen free.

ArrowCool SOL-827-HM Soluble Oil

Designed to be extremely hard water tolerant. Multi-metal compatible. Runs extremely clean in hard water with a low foam profile. Chlorine, sulphur and halogen free.

ArrowCool SYN-705 Synthetic Coolant

Specially formulated machining and grinding fluid for ceramic and glass grinding operations. It can also be used as a light duty steel and grinding fluid, including surface and Blanchard grinding operations.

ArrowCool SYN-710 Synthetic Coolant

Synthetic cutting & grinding fluid. Formulated using state of the art technology. Offers low pH & oil rejection. Detergency, yet low foaming, allows for easy parts wash off. Excellent on all die cast aluminum machining operations.

ArrowCool SYN-722 Synthetic Coolant

State of the art synthetic coolant provides excellent cooling, chip setting, and tramp oil rejection. Runs clean. Ideal as a single, premium coolant for virtually all machining operations.

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Chem Arrow's high performance lube oils provide increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs. We manufacture our complete line of fluids using high quality petroleum base stocks.


Case Studies

ArrowCool SEM-917-B Semi-Synthetic Coolant

Light/medium duty. Designed to run on a wide variety of machine tools and applications including milling, drilling, turning, and grinding of ferrous metals and cast iron.

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