Custom Formulations & Blends

Finding the right metalworking fluid is more important than ever in today’s competitive market place. Chem Arrow has been developing customized formulations for its customers and distributor partners for over 35 years.

With our vast amount of formulating and blending experience in the metalworking fluids industry, Chem Arrow can create a formulation tailored to meet and exceed your company’s unique metalworking needs. We offer competitive pricing and minimum batch requirements.

“Over 35 years experience in engineering lubricants ”

Chem Arrow’s experienced technical department will work closely with you and your company to identify what’s missing from your current metalworking fluid. We will assist you in analyzing your application and related requirements in order to come up the best possible product match.

Chem Arrow will then develop a formulation designed to maximize your organization’s productivity, decrease downtown and waste, and comply with environmental/health and safety regulations while staying within your budget.