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ArrowDraw 3565-W Synthetic Soluble Drawing & Stamping Lubricant

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Stamping automotive and electrical components

Previous Fluid
Conventional  heavy duty water soluble oil based product
Rolled & swabbed
Steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel & aluminum
Machine Type
Various press to a maximum of 550 tons
This west coast stamping house wanted to eliminate the residue associated with their current water soluble product.  The oil residue on both parts and presses required additional cleaning and increased maintenance.
Chem Arrow's ArrowDraw 3565-W was tested and found to perform similar to the oil based product. The ArrowDraw 3565-W offered excellent part finish. Die and tool life were found to be equivalent to the heavy duty oil based product. The elimination of the oil product helped minimize the need to wash parts prior to packaging.  The press and tool area were found to be cleaner resulting in less maintenance and clean up. By switching to ArrowDraw 3565-W this customer was able to increase efficiency and reduce product and maintenance costs.