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ArrowClean 126-A Premium Liquid Heavy Duty Cleaning Compound

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General purpose cleaning of tough soils

Previous Fluid
Competitor's general purpose cleaner
Floor scrubber, bucket and mop
Concrete floors, tiled office floors
Machine Type
Tennant floor scrubber
A large screw machine shop running predominately neat cutting oils had been experiencing slippery floors in the plant and office area.  Regular cleaning of the floors in the plant by the maintenance department could not keep up with the significant oil residue.  This oil residue was a slip hazard in the plant and the office area.
A sample of Chem Arrow's ArrowClean 126-A was tested in multiple areas throughout the facility.  It was discovered that ArrowClean 126-A removed the oil from the floor in one pass versus the competitor's required multiple attempts.  ArrowClean 126-A outperformed the competitor's product at half the dilution offering increased