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Chem Arrow's ArrowHVAC product line has made Chem Arrow the leading manufacturer of fluids for the air conditioning and heat transfer industry.

All of the products to the right have been independent laboratory tested for refrigerant compatibility, corrosion protection and hydrolytic stability. Documentation is available upon request.

*VOC percentage based on EPA method 24 (>1%, < 8%).


Case Studies

ArrowHVAC 20475 Synthetic Hair Pin & Expander Lubricant

Non VOC*, synthetic hair pin and expander lubricant. Developed for use in areas that require lubricant compatibility with new ozone friendly, chlorine free refrigerants (HFC 134A, R-410A). Also compatible with chlorinated refrigerant R-22 typical applications. Burns ashless.

ArrowHVAC 3605 Spray On Wetting Agent

Non VOC*, spray on surfactant coil wetting agent. Developed to create an instantly wettable surface on aluminum fins to eliminate water blow-off or dripping from evaporator heat exchangers. Removes residual oils from aluminum fin surfaces leaving a long term wettable surface.


HVAC (Production & After market)


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