FinCoater applicator demonstrates immediate improvement and cost savings

A leading HVAC manufacturer was looking for a lubricant applicator for its fin stamping operations.
They were advised to contact Chem Arrow Corporation after being recommended Chem Arrow’s new FinCoater system.

The Chem Arrow FinCoater is designed to control the amount of lubricant that is applied to both the top and bottom of the fin stock. The FinCoater uses a roller to apply a very light coating of lubricant to thin gauge material as it enters the fin press.

The unit is computer-controlled to dispense the correct amount of lubricant to the material on each stroke of the press. There are two sets of rollers, one set to stabilize fin stock and one set to apply the lubricant.

The HVAC manufacturer reported immediate cost savings due to a reduction in lubricant wastage as a direct result of the ability to control lubricant levels as necessary.

The introduction of the FinCoater eliminated splashing from the old lubricant bath. This resulted in improved cleanliness of the work area.  

Improvements reported

  • Increased control of lubricant application
  • Reduction of lubricant excess in lacing area, improving cleanliness
  • Reduced flame ups during brazing
  • Little to no maintenance

After a successful trial, the company is now converting all its presses.

“Following the initial purchase and experiencing the benefits gained, we have now decided to convert all presses across to the FinCoater. I would recommend the FinCoater to others looking for improved efficiency within fin stamping operations.”

For more information about the FinCoater, or our ArrowHVAC line of fluids designed specifically for the global HVAC industry, please contact:

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