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Chem Arrow’s 35 years of formulating and manufacturing experience has enabled us to develop a comprehensive line of quality cutting oils. Chem Arrow’s ArrowCut line offers products suited to meet a wide range of applications and alloys.


Case Studies

ArrowCut 20751 Cutting & Grinding Oil

Multi-purpose, non-corrosive cutting oil. Compatible with most machine tool lubricants & hydraulic oils.

ArrowCut 27-P Cutting & Grinding Oil

Light duty machining oil compatible with most alloys. Uniquely formulated to be compatible with most machine oils, minimizing the effects of contamination. Can be used on copper & brass.

ArrowCut 5 Cutting & Grinding Oil

Heavy duty cutting oil with multiple extreme pressure additives. Can be run on a variety of machining operations.

ArrowCut 80-B Cutting & Grinding Oil

Light duty mineral oil developed with enhanced wetting properties to improve film strength. Alloys include aluminum, copper, brass and certain light gauge ferrous metals.

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